Underfloor Heating

There are a Multitude of reasons to get underfloor heating in your home, whether the house is old or new. Providing even heating throughout the house more efficiently then a conventional radiator system it also grant you more space in your home as there are no need for radiators. Underfloor heating systems also need less maintenance then a traditional system and reduces dust and other air borne allergens.

With modern technology it is also possible to control the heating for essentially anywhere via PC, phone or tablet, ensuring that your home is warm when you return to it and that it isn't wasting energy while you are away. 

Heatmiser Thermostats are built to ensure heating your home is done in the most efficient manner yet is easily adjustable and user friendly to use. 

Heating & Hot Water accounts for more than 80% of your energy usage. Smart Controls can help reduce your energy usage whilst increasing comfort.

Our Geo Location technology uses your SmartPhone GPS to accurately determine your location. Neo and SmartStat will turn your heating down when you leave home and will have it cozy for when you return.

Heatmiser have become the UK’s preferred heating controls manufacturer, offering solutions for underfloor heating, conventional radiators and renewable energy systems.